3 Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

Havahart wireless fence review

Seeking invisible fence reviews? If so, you should definitely read this buyer’s guide. We review 2 models from PetSafe and 1 from Havahart.

Good Dog Food vs. Bad Dog Food

Good dog food vs. bad dog food

Some of the most popular commercial dog foods are also the worst. Here, we compare the ingredients of a good dog food versus a bad dog food.

Ice-T Loves Coco Loves Dog

Ice-T kisses a dog

I can give you one good reason to watch the reality TV series “Ice Loves Coco”: their adorable bulldog named Spartacus, the real star of the show.

Dog Roundworm Treatment – Get Rid of Roundworms Now

Dog roundworm treatment

Yucky fact: Roundworms can grow up to 7 inches and pump up your puppy’s belly like a bowl full of spaghetti. Here’s some dog roundworm treatment info.

8 Best Shampoos for Small Dogs


Here are 8 of the best shampoos for small dogs. Our list includes cleansers for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin.

How to Teach Your Chihuahua to Sit


Learning how to teach your chihuahua to sit on command is not very difficult. What’s needed: time, patience and consistency. And plenty of pet treats!

Kitten Diarrhea DIY Remedy

Kitten diarrhea DIY remedy

There are few things nastier and messier than when a kitten gets “the runs.” Ewww. Here are some kitten diarrhea DIY remedies.