Breed Profile: Cesky Terrier

Cesky terrier 'Gilly' gets groomed at Crufts. By: Kristine Lacoste/Pets Adviser

Cesky terriers may be small, but they are excellent watch dogs. They love families, children and being active indoors and out.

19 Ways You Can Be an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

Puppy says recycle! By: PunkToad

Tuesday is Earth Day. There are many ways pet owners can help the environment and reduce our carbon “paw” print. Here are a few suggestions.

Breed Profile: Kooikerhondje

Kooikerhondje dogs are affectionate and active. By: Kristine Lacoste/Pets Adviser

Kooikerhondje dogs may have a funny name, but they are affectionate, people-oriented dogs with a strong working instinct. Learn more in our breed profile.

Cat Breed Profile: American Curl

American curls have very unique ears. By: woofiegrrl

American curl cats adapt to new situations, pets and people quickly, and they are also known to follow their owners around just as a dog would.

Animal Hero of the Month: Mary Ellen Tidwell


A rescue is making a big difference for animals in a high-kill county in Alabama, and we’re honoring the hard work of its president, Mary Ellen Tidwell.

Breed Profile: Beagle

Beagles come in two sizes. By: jetteff

Beagles may be used in hunting, but they are also lovable, curious companion pets. Find out if an active beagle is a great dog for you.

Breed Profile: Poodle

Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds. By: ajburcar

Besides being one of the smartest dog breeds, poodles are friendly, active dogs great for allergy sufferers.