Constipation in Dogs Is No Laughing Matter

Constipation in dogs

Let’s be honest here: Nobody likes to deal with constipation. But dog owners should learn to recognize the signs and act immediately.

Creating a Sugar Glider Habitat at Home


You can’t just shove a sugar glider in a cage intended for hamsters or gerbils. Learn the right way to create a sugar glider habitat.

Why Does My Dog Have a Dry Nose? Here Are 6 Possible Reasons

Why does my dog have a dry nose?

There are times when you should worry about why your dog has a dry nose, but most of the time you need not be concerned about it.

Why Does a Dog Eat Snow?


Seems like a silly question, but we’ve been asked before: Why does a dog eat snow? Well, it turns out there may be perfectly good reasons.

What the-?! Why Does My Cat Attack Me at Night?


Yes, there are a few easy ways to get your kitten or cat to be calmer at night, during those quiet hours when you need to sleep.

3 Dog Treat Recipes with Peanut Butter

Dog treat recipes with peanut butter

One of the most popular ingredients in homemade dog treats is a staple in nearly everybody’s household: peanut butter. Here are 3 recipes.

Why Is Kidney Failure So Common in Cats?

Why is kidney failure so common in cats?

Cats as young as 3 have been diagnosed with kidney failure, but the condition is more common in older cats. Learn more…