How to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween


For animals, holidays are usually stressful. Whether you put your dog or cat in a costume or not, here’s how to keep your pet safe on Halloween night.

Breed Profile: Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds are an active but loving breed.
By: Katatonic28

Read our breed profile of the Australian shepherd, a loyal, hard-working and fun-loving dog that makes a great pet for families and individuals.

Breed Profile: Australian Cattle Dog

Australian cattle dog breed profile

If you want a very intelligent, energetic dog with a fun personality, the Australian cattle dog may be a great choice. But not if you live in an apartment.

Breed Profile: English Springer Spaniel


English springers love their families, but they need a great deal of outdoor time. Find out much more in our breed profile of the English springer spaniel.

Breed Profile: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke welsh corgi puppy

The pembroke welsh corgi is much like the cardigan welsh corgi, but with a shorter body and straighter legs. Learn more in this breed profile…

Breed Profile: Cardigan Welsh Corgi


The cardigan welsh corgi is a long, stocky dog with a fox-like appearance. Its history dates back to the 1200s. Read more in our breed profile.

Breed Profile: Rhodesian Ridgeback


Rhodesian ridgebacks can be summed up in one word: dignified. But what else makes these lion hunters tick? Read our Rhodesian ridgeback breed profile…