How to Teach Your Chihuahua to Sit

Teach a chihuahua to sit on commandLearning how to teach your chihuahua to sit is not very difficult. It takes time, patience and consistency. You must be gentle during training and not over-stress your pet.

Sessions should be no longer than 15 minutes at a time but do it twice each day. Always train in a quiet area. Don’t allow anyone to enter the area when you are working with the puppy. This will eliminate distractions and allow your pet to concentrate on the job at hand. Use a tiny but tasty treat during the lessons.

Kneel down directly in front of your chihuahua. Do not allow him to jump on you or climb onto your lap. Use a treat to get his attention, but do not allow him to have it yet. Hold the treat a bit above your puppy’s nose and firmly say “Sit.”

Often, the dog will immediately sit because of the way the reward is held. If he sits, let him have the treat and praise him! Do this 10 times, giving a treat each time he sits on command.

If your pup doesn’t immediately understand what you are asking of him, you will need to show him. Let your tiny dog see that you have a treat for him. Give the command “Sit.” Very gently apply pressure to the hindquarters of the chihuahua. Give the command again and put him into the sit position.

Once he’s in the proper position, give him the treat and lots of praise. Repeat this procedure until your chihuahua learns to sit on command without your having to coax him into position.

Alternative Training Method

Another way to get your chihuahua to sit on command is by using a collar and leash. Treats are necessary for this process, too.

Put the puppy on the ground on your left side. Gently pull up on the leash while pushing down on his rump. Give the command “Sit.” As soon as his little butt hits the floor, give him the food reward and praise him. Practice this 10 times, twice each day. Eventually, he will completely understand what you expect him to do when you give the sit command.

The sit command is the basis for most dog training, and it’s helpful for all sorts of situations, such as smooth checkups at the veterinarian. Seeing how important this basic command is, it’s a good thing you now know how to teach your chihuahua to sit!

Need More Chihuahua Training Tips?

Chihuahua leash training bookWe recommend the very handy book Chihuahuas for Dummies. It’s a fantastic guide for raising and caring for one of these cute little pups. This “chihuahua bible” not only covers commands like “sit” and “stay,” but it also explores how to teach fun tricks to chihuahuas too. We found this book on for less than $5 recently. (More info.)


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