Why Does My Dog Eat My Underwear? (And That Was My Best Pair!)

As I sit engrossed in a classic movie, I hear my dog making some weird noises. I put the movie on pause so I can find out what is going on in the next room.

As I enter the bathroom and look down at the dog, I wonder, “Why does my dog chew my underwear?”

I’m sure many dog owners have this question, although most will keep it to themselves, in lieu of seeming crazy to anyone they might ask.


According to the book Dog: The Complete Guide, dogs are keen to hold on to something that draws attention to them. As puppies, they are like toddlers, picking things up and chewing on them. Puppies like to “steal” things to get your immediate attention. Once they have that attention, it is up to you how to “deal with the steal.”

If  you make too much fuss about it, the puppy will repeat this act the next time it wants attention.

One way to control your dog’s underwear chewing is to keep the underwear picked up and placed in a hamper with a lid.

Scolding and giving the dog something it can chew will help. Reward it for chewing on the right things.

Dogs are drawn to the odors of their human companions, and chewing brings out the smells the dog is interested in.

I scold my dog, pick up my chewed-up underwear and toss them in the trash. Then I head back to the den to watch my previously interrupted movie. But — guess what? I got so wrapped up in my ongoing episode of “Why Does My Dog Chew My Underwear?” I forgot how the movie even began!

So to end this, my advice would be:

  1. Buy a hamper with a lid.
  2. Buy several chew toys.
  3. Always stay stocked in underwear.

Just remember, a dog is man’s best friend. What’s the price of underwear in comparison to a lifelong friend who loves you so much that he hunts down things that smell of you just to get that feeling of closeness?

Movies can be re-watched, underwear can be purchased, but there’s no replacement for the love and devotion of your dog.

Check Out This Video

A dog eating underwear can present a choking hazard:

Photo: Jocelyn Bassler/Flickr

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  • Maggie

    My dog eats my underwear too. I think that he does it because he is trying to clean them or get rid of the scent. Sometimes he will even take it out of the laundry basket before I have washed them. The only thing you can do is make sure you put your underwear immediately in the washer!

  • Kaylamm13

    Lmao yes and bras, my dog has ruined 2 of my favorite one. I learned to put everything in the hamper.

  • Toast_particle

    I have a male CAT who does this. I tried a hamper with a lid but he’s able to push it open and crawl inside. He doesn’t really damage them and they are dirty anyway but it’s a little unnerving to open the hamper and see him laying there with my panties and a perverted look of bliss on his face.