Better Dog Food, Less Poop

I recently changed my shih-tzu’s brand of food to Wellness 1+1. It is one carb and one protein all-natural lamb and brown rice. He was on a different brand of lamb and brown rice before this, and his poop size was substantial for a 14-pound dog. But now he only has rabbit pellets or noticeably smaller poops. He seems OK and has a poop at least once a day and is still active and playful. Could it be because there are fewer by-products in his new food? Should I be worried? How can I tell if this is a problem? —Mandy

Better Dog Food, Less Poop

Better dog food, less poopCongratulations, Mandy — you are experiencing one of the many wonderful results of feeding your dog an excellent diet. Better dog food, less dog poop!

The reason is simple: With fewer carbs, your doggie absorbs and uses more nutrients, which means there’s less waste. Less waste = less poop.

Of course, in your situation, it depends on what food you switched to Wellness from. If it was of similar quality, then it could be that your dog processes the new food’s formula differently.

There’s no need to worry unless your dog is straining and having difficulty pooping. This can sometimes be an issue with harder stool, even if it’s small. If you do notice your dog having a tough time pooping, add a tablespoon of canned pumpkin to each of his meals. If the condition persists, it’s time to contact your veterinarian.

Photo: lightninglandon/Flickr

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  • ChiMomma88

    I also found this to be true.  We went from a very popular dog food brand that I didn’t realize was filled with by-products and fillers to Natural Balance grain-free Alpha and the difference in the back yard was truly amazing.  I picked this brand specifically because it says it is for digestion and my dog would have occasional diarrhea that I was trying to prevent.  The lack of grains really seemed to clear that up, as well as the probiotics in the formula.

  • Lorraine

    Great advice!!!! I love the Pet Advisor as it givs tons of information at the click of your mouse!!

    Lorraine – Ontario, Canada

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I’m not sure I notice the difference. My 4 dogs still have a good time pooping!