18 Funniest Dog Videos… EVER

A good laugh is the best way to relieve stress, reduce conflict, ease pain and improve moods. The individual benefits aside laughter is infectious! Few things are universally more comical than dogs caught on tape. From Hollywood to Madison Avenue and especially in a pet owner’s backyard, dogs provide a limitless supply of sidesplitting humor.

I offer this list in no particular order.

18 Funniest Dog Videos

SECTION 1 — ADVERTISING: Dogs were the original supermodels. Even Marilyn Monroe was upstaged by a beautiful dog! Today dogs are used to promote everything from automobiles to beer to underwear. Some of the creative commercial efforts are among the funniest dog videos ever.

Beautiful Hair Comes Naturally

This Afghan hound knows she is beautiful and is not afraid to flaunt it, with hilarious results. Watch as a Philips ad for hair products gets the concept of vanity straight!

The Wrong Automation

An automatic floor sweeper gets put to the ultimate test by this Australian shepherd. I wager you won’t forget the product when you finish laughing at the outcome (no pun intended).

“So, What Can Your Dog Do?”

Nothing is funnier than two guys one-upping each other — unless you throw a couple of clever dogs into the mix. Watch the outcome of this banned Bud Light commercial and just try to not laugh out loud.

Every Home Needs a Harvey

Thinkbox demonstrates that dogs can provide true inspiration for an advertising campaign. Funny, cute and clever — a triple-threat hustler hound.


SECTION 2 — REALITY TV: Reality television has become a cultural phenomenon of a generation. There are dozens of “real life” series featuring teen mothers, exterminators, pawn shops, flea markets, celebrities in their “natural habitats,” children behaving badly and adults behaving worse. Since the early TV days of Candid Camera to current clips from America’s Funniest Home Videos, the original reality TV stars were really animals. I would argue they remain the most entertaining, as evidenced by the following amateur videos.

Singing Basset Hound

This basset hound may not win a “golden ticket” to Hollywood, but he belts the tune out with more heart and soul than most American Idols, plus he makes the audition very amusing!

Ultimate Dog Tease

The amateur video of this bacon-loving German shepherd went viral in minutes. YouTube has recorded more than 103 million hits so far on this clip.

Laughing Baby in Tub Teases a Dachshund

W.C. Fields once said, “Never work with animals or children.” The statement was less about Field’s fondness, or lack thereof, of animals or children. He simply knew that if you put a cute child or an animal on the set, the famous actor ceases to exist. Fields’ logic is proven in this video of a baby and dogs.

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