20 Silly Dog Tattoos! (Photos)

Some people are so wild about their pets that they want to have a permanent reminder of them inked on their bodies. Tattoos of dogs are all over the place! Some of them are ways to memorialize pets that have passed on. Very sweet. Other tats are silly reminders of cartoons (we’re talking about you, Scooby Doo).

There is a fine line between COOL tattoos of dogs and STUPID tattoos of dogs. Here are 20 designs that totally crossed the line. Some of these are so bad, so creepy, so silly or so freakin’ over the top that we just had to show them to you. Tasmanian devil leading an attack dog? Check. Homicidal clown dog? Check. Cujo? Yep, looks like it.. Puppy dressed in decorated war uniform? We’ve got that tattoo too. Funny stuff!

Oh, and Scooby Doo? Yeah, yeah, we have Scooby and his goofy self.

So, enjoy this odd photo collection of…

20 silly dog tattoos!

Tasmanian devil with attack dog

crazy doggie tattoo














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  • http://www.crankyeditor.com/ Tamar Love Grande

    That dachshund one is bizarre!

  • http://www.golden-retriever-guide.com/ Robert

    I think the Batdog was the coolest one.

  • Rod

    I’m not one for tattoos, especially when people go overboard with them. It will be interesting in a few years when all these tattooed covered girls grow up and decide that perhaps all those tats weren’t such a good idea after all.

    So, as you might guess, the only tattoo shown here that has any appeal to me is the small one on the one girl’s shoulder .