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Pets Adviser, a pet advice website, sometimes publishes amazing articles from outside writers. Would you like to see your writing on our site? Fantastic!

First, please carefully read our guidelines:

Contributors’ Guidelines

  • NEW: Sorry, we now apply the “no-follow” attribute to links from contributors. You will not gain any SEO benefit. However, you will be building brand awareness and getting some traffic to your site.
  • We strive to promptly reply to all article submissions that include an actual article. We get a lot of submissions and tend to respond only when we see what kind of writing you can actually produce.
  • Your article should be completely your own and never published elsewhere.
  • Length: 700 words+ with subheads and bullet points. Paragraphs should be nice and short.
  • The article should really WOW us. Here are some examples that we were delighted to publish on Pets Adviser:
    1. Beginner Aquarium Setup for the “Average Joe”
    2. Here Are 5 Tricks My Dog Taught ME
    3. New Take on Feeding Your Dog Table Scraps: Is It Actually OK?
    4. How My Dog Got Too Big for His Own Good
    5. What to Expect When You’re Adopting a Pit Bull
    6. What’s the Deal With Micro Mini Pigs as Pets?
  • Your article should be entertaining and conversational (first-person is great!) — but also contain solid advice and information our readers can learn from. Include a personal anecdote if possible, and be sure to “hook” the reader into your article within the first couple of paragraphs.
  • We do not publish articles for businesses that are unrelated to pets. We also do not link to online pet stores.
  • We do not allow keyword-rich anchor text in any link to your site. Your link to your company’s home page (or social media site), rather than some internal page, must be in your bio at the end.
  • Additional Notes: We edit for grammar, style and clarity. Upon publication, your article automatically becomes the sole property of Pets Adviser. As such, we reserve the right, in extremely rare cases, to remove the article without notice.

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