Pet Food Recalls — Is Your Pet’s Brand on Our List?

Pets Adviser has compiled a list of known U.S. pet food recalls for the past several years. Is your dog or cat food on our list? Take a look and see. Recalls are listed in order from newest to oldest.

We begin with 2015 recalls:

j.j.fuds-recall-2015January 2015
Maker: J.J. Fuds, Inc.
Cause: Possible listeria contamination
Announcement: FDA report dated Jan. 20, 2015; updated by Frontier Distributing on Jan. 27, 2015
What was recalled: The following J.J. Fuds Premium Natural Blends raw pet foods:

  • Chicken Tender Chunks, 5 lb. bags with Lot Date 5/5/14
  • Duck Strips, 5 lb. bags with Lot Date 5/7/14
  • Beef Strips, 10 lb. bags with Lot Date 1/6/15

There are more recalls from 2015. See the next one:


See the next pet food recall on our list

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  • Pets Adviser

    We’re not aware that there has ever been a HALO pet food recall.

  • Barb

    Has there ever been a recall of Evo brand canned cat foods?

    • Pets Adviser

      There was a huge recall of Evo dry foods last year, but not canned stuff. We aren’t aware of any recent Evo canned cat food recalls.

  • Tammy Gibson

    because they want to gradually lure you in so they can ultimately sell you their reviews, would be my guess, just saying…

    • Pets Adviser

      What reviews?

  • concerned pet parent

    Thanks for the info but could you please list other pet foods, like fish?

  • Beth

    Has anyone heard of complaints related to Nutra?? I’m so frustrated, the past 3 dog foods I have used have been recalled. Do you have any advice on how to navigate feeding my dogs,?? I’m afraid to feed them kibble now, so I’m making it for them-but I know this isn’t healthy!

    • Pets Adviser

      Nothing lately on Nutro, but there was a recall in 2009. When feeding your dog a homemade meal, it’s important that you get advice from your vet or a veterinary nutritionist, because the wrong balance can put your pets’ health at risk. It’s harder than you’d think to get the right balance — just giving your dogs rice and chicken won’t do. If you go with a commercial dog food, consider stepping up to a premium brand. A good place to start is the list of 5-star foods listed at Yes, they cost more. :(

      • Beth

        Thank you! Are they rated also on recalls? I guess we just have to be vigilant on tracking the recalls.