Pet Food Recalls — Is Your Pet’s Brand on Our List?

kong-aussie-sticks-recall-2014September 2014 NEW!
Maker: JAKKS Pacific
Brand: Kong Aussie Sticks dog treats
Recall: Items #75559 and 75560 with “Best Before” dates of either Jan. 30, 2016 or Jan. 31, 2016; sold only at PetSmart
Cause of Recall: Possible mold

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  • rodney

    I had purchased the puppy innova chicken, rice and vegitables and I did not know it was contanimated. My puppy was eating it and appearing to throwup. I thought I was feeding him too much. I went today to buy more and the clerk told me of the recall. Luckly my shar pei is alright.

    • suko

      it would be a good idea to go to one of the many pet food recall lists and sing up to get email alerts for when there has been recalls made. better to be safe than sorry.

  • Jcatz4

    I really would appreciate it if you would just provide a list of the recalls without me having to “click” to go to the next page for each and every one of them. This is not very convenient or productive.

    • Pets Adviser

      Thanks. We’ll be looking at ways to improve the way we present the info, such as an alphabetical listing (by brand name). Stay tuned.

    • Larry

      If they put the list on one page then you won’t be blasted with any advertisement. So in order to get you blasted and bombarded with ads you have to change the screen. This is how they get paid, when you click on an ad they get paid for that. Just remember, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY ADS.

  • Jcatz4

    When I click to go to the alerts and recalls, why do I only get to see ONE at a time?? Why can’t you provide a list that I can see with just “one or two clicks”???? It takes too long to have to go through many, many pages and only be able to see one thing at a time. This is very, very unproductive and not user friendly at all. I made a comment about this before and nothing has changed.

    • Pets Adviser

      Thanks for your comment. We’re still looking at the best way to handle the switchover. In the meantime, just know that they’re in order of most recent first — and you’ll see the months/year. As you go deeper, the recalls get older. Again, we’ll be reconfiguring this over the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.

      • tommengel

        How about a simple brand/type search line? Very few owners are going to tolerate dubbing one at a time through a large list. That’s next to useless.

        • Kristine Lacoste

          We are in the process of changing the format, and it will be much easier to find recalls by brand and type once we are finished. I’m not sure if a search bar is planned as well, but I will pass your suggestion along. Thanks.

    • David Deleon Baker

      Hi, I wanted to update you on our progress. We’ve been tossing around ideas for a while now on how to revamp this the *right* way. We knew we wanted something that would be much more than “just a list” of recalls. I’m happy to say we have a solid plan in place to create something awesome.

      We are excited to be working on a brand-new “Pet Food Recalls Center” — it will contain individualized, up-to-date recall information on practically every dog and cat food brand. I know you’ll enjoy how it will be organized alphabetically by brand name, making it super-convenient. (You will also still be able to see, at a glance, the very latest recalls.)

      However, doing the required research and designing the new pages will take a while. Probably 2-3 months just to get a beta version up. We appreciate your patience as we work to make this a better experience for everyone.

      Until then, keep in mind that this current page lists the most recent recall first, then goes progressively to older and older recalls as you click through. OK, it’s not ideal, but it’s not a totally random order either. Even in its current state, our pet food recall information is among the most comprehensive around.

  • Diane

    has anyone heard of a recall for HALO dog food?

    • Pets Adviser

      We’re not aware that there has ever been a HALO pet food recall.

  • Barb

    Has there ever been a recall of Evo brand canned cat foods?

    • Pets Adviser

      There was a huge recall of Evo dry foods last year, but not canned stuff. We aren’t aware of any recent Evo canned cat food recalls.

  • Tammy Gibson

    because they want to gradually lure you in so they can ultimately sell you their reviews, would be my guess, just saying…

    • Pets Adviser

      What reviews?

  • concerned pet parent

    Thanks for the info but could you please list other pet foods, like fish?

  • Beth

    Has anyone heard of complaints related to Nutra?? I’m so frustrated, the past 3 dog foods I have used have been recalled. Do you have any advice on how to navigate feeding my dogs,?? I’m afraid to feed them kibble now, so I’m making it for them-but I know this isn’t healthy!

    • Pets Adviser

      Nothing lately on Nutro, but there was a recall in 2009. When feeding your dog a homemade meal, it’s important that you get advice from your vet or a veterinary nutritionist, because the wrong balance can put your pets’ health at risk. It’s harder than you’d think to get the right balance — just giving your dogs rice and chicken won’t do. If you go with a commercial dog food, consider stepping up to a premium brand. A good place to start is the list of 5-star foods listed at Yes, they cost more. :(

      • Beth

        Thank you! Are they rated also on recalls? I guess we just have to be vigilant on tracking the recalls.

        • Pets Adviser

          Sadly, no company is truly immune to recalls. As a consumer, you just have to stay vigilant and watch for the latest recalls.

  • Kristtas

    it goes from newest recalls to oldest, find a different site if you dont know how to use this one.

  • Colin T.

    We are all sick of the slideshow style lists. Put them on a list with 5 or more per page. Clicking on “Next” is incredibly annoying and time consuming.

    • Kristine Lacoste

      Hello Colin,

      As Dave (Pets Adviser) mentioned above, we are completely revamping our recall section. The new layout will have a simple list as well as individual pages to find out more about the brand/company, contact information, and much more. This project has been started and is in progress, and we’re working as fast as we can to roll out the new and easier format.

      We appreciate your patience as we sort through hundreds of pet food manufacturers!

  • sparky1966

    My friend has a 4 yo female Lab Mix and she is in the Vet’s office in Renal Failure. She is an inside dog and has learned to alert her owner of a siezeure that is about to occur. She is never left out alone and the possibility of antifreeze poisoning has been ruled out by the Vet. Does anyone know of causes and recalls that might be helpful. She will be so greatful.

    • Kristine Lacoste

      I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s dog. Do you know what brand of food and/or treats her dog has been eating?

  • Robin

    You should add purina’s kibbles and bits to the list my dog has had a fever and diarrhea for four day took her off it and started her on blue buffalo she is doing much better bits to the list

    • Kristine Lacoste

      Hello Robin,

      I’m sorry to hear your dog was sick. We list the FDA recalls and any company-initiated (voluntary) recalls, not individual reports of illnesses. Be sure to notify Purina about your experience. I’m glad to hear your dog is doing better on Blue Buffalo, and let us know if anything changes.