5 Yorkshire Terrier Eye Problems

Yorkshire terrier eye problems Most Yorkshire terriers are fairly healthy; however, this dog breed is susceptible to several health issues concerning their eyes.

Although the list of Yorkshire terrier eye problems appears long, according to The Yorkshire Terrier Handbook eye problems in these adorable little doggies are not as common as they are in other breeds.

Taking preventive care of your Yorkie’s eyes is rather easy. Look for signs of infection or other eye issues as you groom and care for your pet’s eyes.


Five of the more common eye problems with a Yorkie are as follows:

1. Inflammation

This may occur when a strange element enters his eyes. Inflammation can also be a sign of some other canine ailment, so see the veterinarian.

Symptoms of eye inflammation in Yorkies include blinking or squinting, sensitivity to bright light and/or a bluish hue casing the dog’s eyes. A loss of bright color in the iris may also be a sign of this problem.

Your veterinarian can treat this ailment with anti-inflammatory drugs. If your Yorkshire terrier has any infection or pain in the eyes, the vet might also recommend antibiotics and eyedrops.

2. Dry Eye

Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) may not sound like a severe ailment for canines, but it can cause major soreness for a Yorkie dog. Their eyes are sheltered by a natural film. Without this film, the dog’s eyes become dehydrated, which may lead to numerous health problems. Losing this film can occur from a wound to the eye or a thyroid that is malfunctioning. The film may also become lost if the dog isn’t getting the right nutrition. The side effects of some medicines can also cause loss of the film.

The symptoms of dry eye (also known as brown eye) include scar tissue emerging from the eyes and steady pain — as the eye loses all lubrication and blood vessels grow throughout the eyes. Eyedrops can be used to lubricate and help your Yorkie create normal tears. If a tear duct is badly damaged, your veterinarian might suggest surgery.

3. Corneal Dystrophy

This eye condition in Yorkies concerns the clouding of the cornea. The cornea
is the outside layer of a Yorkie’s eyes. This disease will affect both eyes equally and is either inherited or acquired.

If your Yorkie has crystal-like matter growing on his eyes, he may have this ailment. At this time, there is no treatment. Luckily for the Yorkies, this vision condition is not painful. Although it can affect how clearly they see, it rarely completely blocks the dog’s eyesight.

4. Entropion

This disorder is associated with the eyelids. It can cause inward rolling. The eyelashes may tear the surface of the eyeball, resulting in damage to your Yorkie’s eyes. Symptoms consist of inability to see the eye well and a thick discharge from the eyes. There may also be wetness on the hairs adjacent to the eyelids. Surgery is the only option for this vision ailment.

5. Cataracts

As with humans, Yorkshire terriers sometimes experience cataracts. This disease affects the lens of the eyes. The lens loses its transparency, possibly resulting in blindness. To prevent blindness caused by cataracts, surgery may be needed.

There are a couple of things you can do to make your pet’s health issues better. Wipe his eyes with a soft, dampened cloth at least once a week. Trim excess hair, making sure no strands get close to his eyes. Hair can easily scratch your Yorkie’s eyes.

Keeping his eyes clean and his fur trimmed will help your pet avoid some of the common Yorkshire terrier eye problems — and have a healthier life.

Photo: Mell242/Flickr

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  • Debbie

    My yorkie is 11 & recently began rubbing his left eye alot. When I got around to trimming his hair around his eyes I noticed he had rubbed it so much that the hair was rubbed off and it was down to rhe skin with it bring very red and inflamed and had been bleeding some. I’m treating it with antibiotic ointment but he still rubs it. What could be the problem?