Why Does My Dog Have a Dry Nose? Here Are 6 Possible Reasons

Why does my dog have a dry nose?

Many people worry that their dog’s nose is too dry, or too wet, or too warm, or too cool. Let’s face it: We worry when something is different or “off” about our pet.

There are times when you WILL need to worry about your doggy’s dry nose — and times when you don’t need to be too concerned about it…

Click through our quick list of reasons:

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Photo: MacKinnon Photography/Flickr


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  • monae

    my dog has a dry nose and when she drink water she throws up

  • Midori

    Just got a maltese mix puppy. She is only 7 weeks old and her nose is really dry. I was worried for her, but it looks like she is okay. Also: Is she supposed to sleep so much? She whimpers and wakes up 3 in the morning and my sister takes her outside, then she sleeps til 8 or so, then she wakes up and trots around a bit, then she sleeps some more, then she’ll go potty come back in and sleep some more, then hop around a bit and play with my fingers then fall asleep again. Is this normal for puppies her age?

    • http://petsadviser.com/ Pets Adviser

      Puppies sleep lots… sometimes 18 hours a day!

      • Midori

        Okay. Thank you!

  • Seb

    My dog often has a dry nose which can have splits and bits that flake off. I have put petrolum jelly on every day and have recently moved over to proper snout balm. She has had anti-biotics before but vet didn’t know what caused the dry nose.

  • Dominique

    My dog was in a very deep sleep and I had to move him into his bed in the laundry. I was patting him gently to wake him up and I noticed his nose was extremely dry, he was sensitive for me to touch his nose (not sure if he just didn’t want me poking his nose). It isn’t usually dry, I was wondering if this was related to him being in a deep sleep or is it something else? Overall he seems very peaceful and restful and went straight back to sleep when I placed him on his bed.

  • Charly Brantley

    I have a husky, who is almost a year old. I change her water frequently outside, and give her a wet down i the hot summer months. Her food and water bowl is stainless steel, so i know it can’t be plastic allergies, but her nose os ALWAYS dry. any advice????