14 Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Dogs or Cats

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching once again, and many of you will be giving your pets something special.

A previous Pets Adviser survey of 262 pet owners found that nearly half of you — 45 percent — plan to give your pet a Valentine’s Day gift this year.

There are so many holiday-themed pet gifts it makes my head spin; tons of lovey-dovey, heart-shaped this or that for Baxter or Mr. Fluffmeister. But not all traditional gifts are safe. With food or treats, for example, ingredients like chocolate, xylitol and grapes can be toxic to cats and dogs.

Here’s a slide show of 14 Pets Adviser–approved Valentine’s gift ideas.


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Category: Toys

Toys are always great gifts and offer a fun way to interact with your pets or keep them busy when you’re away from home. The Love Pup Caterpillar (aff) is perfect for a game of tug-of-war or for the endless battle to destroy the squeaker toy inside (my dog was a pro at this).

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