Switching to a Grain-Free Dog Food

Dog food bowl

The surge of grain-free dog foods on the market today has pet owners wondering, “Is this diet really beneficial, or just another marketing gimmick?”

New Take on Feeding Your Dog Table Scraps: Is It Actually OK?

Can you feed your dog table scraps?

Modern conventional wisdom says feeding table scraps to your dog is a no-no. But this writer argues that leftovers are fine — within reason.

4 DIY Dog Treat Recipes

Cooking and baking for your dog can strengthen the bond you share. By: Shane Adams

Want to cook and bake with your dog? Try these DIY dog treat recipes that will have you and your pooch sharing quality time in the kitchen.

Just Admit It — Canine Flatulence Is Funny, Right? (But Here’s How to Deal With It)


The relationship of pet owners to their dogs’ flatulence is a complicated one. We should be able to measure these opinions on a fartmeter, says Dr. Deb.

All About Pet Food Delivery Services

Pet food delivered to your door

Pet food delivery services offer an alternative to visiting your local store, and they offer more than just pet food. We take a look at how they work.

How Toxic Are Grapes for Dogs?


You may be wondering, How toxic are grapes for dogs? The answer: Very toxic. When a dog eats grapes or raisins, it can be a veterinary emergency.

Switching Dog Food Gradually — Guidelines for Success

Switching dog food gradually

Unlike people, who can eat many foods a day with no problem, your dog’s digestive system is much more sensitive. The key is switching dog food gradually.